giovedì 26 luglio 2012

Oracle UCM: Web Mapped Folders

Web Mapped Folders is a great feature of Oracle UCM that allow to access WebCenter Content folders and documents contained on them using an URL.

This feature is really useful when using Site Studio features because this allows your contents to be accessed in a friendly url like this:


instead of default content mapping that have a web location with an URL like this:


To enable Web Mapped Folders you need to enable "Folders_g" component. In case you have not activated it you can enable it login to Oracle UCM -> Administration -> Admin Server -> Component Manager -> click "advanced component manager" link -> on "Category Filters" CHECK all 3 items.

In "Disabled Components" list look for "Folders_g" and click Enable button, then perform a restart of UCM service.

When Folders_g is enabled go to Administration -> expand Folders Configuration -> click Web Url Mapped Folders.
Choose the folder you wish to map with a URL and it's URL Mapping then click Add button.

In this case I added a folder named "Web" and I choosed to leave the default mapping as "Web", this means this folder will be accessible at the following URL:


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