martedì 10 luglio 2012

Oracle UCM: Transfer Files Between Servers

After configurations migrations today I describe you a precedure to transfer documents and files between two instances of Oracle UCM/WebCenter Content.

I suggest you to have a look at this guide: Content Server - System Migration Guide 10g Release 3 (

To perform a Document transfer you need (at least) two instances of Oracle UCM with different IDC_Names; as stated in the guide linked above you cannot perform this transfer if instances have the same name because the procedure cannot recognize if you wish to perform a transfer to the local or remote instance.
Local instance will be called Source while remote instance will be called Destination, so we will perform a document transfer from Source to Destination.

Let's start adding an outgoing provider from Source instance which points to Destination instance.
Login Source -> Administration ->Providers -> Outoing -> Add

Set the values according to Destination configuration.

Destination configuration can be seen under Administration -> Configuration for DESTINATION_INSTANCE_NAME -> Show Server Configurations

When done you will be prompted to restart the instance. After UCM restart login to Source instance and under Administration -> Providers you will ses this:

Now it's time to create a new archive to be transferred from Source to Destination.
In Source instance go to Administration -> Admin Applets -> Archiver -> Edit -> Add

Let's populate our archive with documents we need to transfer to Destination. Select the archive you just created and move to Export Data tab, then press Edit button.

Choose wich documents you wish to export.

Then export them with Actions -> Export

We have our archive in Source instance. We need to create an empty archive on Destination instance in which our content will be transferred.In Destination instance go to Administration -> Admin Applets -> Archiver -> Edit -> Add

Make it targetable.Go to Transfer To tab, Edit button, then check "Is targetable" flag.

Finally login to Source instance again, select our archive, Transfer To tab, click Edit button

Select Destination instance and Target archive.

Finally transfer files going to Actions -> Transfer
That's all!!

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