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Oracle Linux: How to install VMWare Tools

In this topic I briefly explain how to install VMWare Tools on an Oracle Linux 6 guest VM.

Via vSphere Client select Oracle Linux VM, right click Guest -> Install/Upgrade VMWare Tools

Login to Oracle Linux VM using SSH or integrated vSphere console.

VMWare Tools are provided as a cdrom image that will be automatically mounted by vSphere to your guest VM. In my case (I suppose in every case where there's not a GUI on servers) I had to manually mount cdrom so....first we need to create the mount point for cdrom.

[root@oracle]# mkdir /mnt/cdrom

Mount VMWare Tools cdrom to previously created mount point

[root@oracle]# mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Browse cdrom content

[root@oracle]# cd /mnt/cdrom

Copy VMWare Tools to a temp directory, in this case I used /tmp but you can copy wherever you like.

[root@oracle]# cp VMwareTools-9.0.0-782409.tar.gz /tmp

Unmount cdrom

[root@oracle]# umount /mnt/cdrom

[root@oracle]# cd /tmp

Untar VMWare Tools

[root@oracle]# tar -xvf VMwareTools-9.0.0-782409.tar.gz

[root@oracle]# cd vmware-tools-distrib

Then perform installation

[root@oracle]# ./

You will be prompted with a lot of options, usually I use recommended settings so press ENTER to any requested action.

If everything runs as expected VMWare Tools will be installed as shown in following screen:

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