martedì 16 ottobre 2012

OBIEE: Data is not being updated on dashboards

It's a bit since last update and today I would like to share something discovered about OBIEE.

I stepped into this problem some days ago while creating OBIEE reports. These reports are based on data from an Oracle database that is being updated by another software.

In detail the problem was: despite the data in database is being updated, these changes are not reflected on OBIEE dashboards, which still present old data.

After a brief search I discovered that OBIEE uses an internal server cache. When dashboard is created OBIEE performs the query against datasource to retrieve and store data. Every subsequent access to these dashboards returns cached data preventing dashboard to redo the query on db at every connection.

To bypass OBIEE server cache and perform the query on db every time you just need to insert a parameter on "Advanced" tab while creating a dashboard.

Click "Advanced" tab, then CHECH "Bypass Oracle BI Presentation Services Cache"
Under "Prefix" insert:

Then click "Apply SQL" button.

That's all!!

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