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VMware: vSphere Replication Part 4 - Configuration

vSphere Replication is ready out-of-the-box, once the appliance has been deployed it is ready to be used but what if you need to change some settings?

vSphere Replication Appliance has a VAMI (VMware Appliance Management Interface) that can be accessed from:


All configuration changes are performed through VAMI

The most important tabs are VR -> Configuration

Here you can configure vSphere Replication database. If embedded database is not sufficient for your deployment you can also use and external SQL or Oracle database as well as import existing DB from another vSphere Replication Manager Server.

VRM Host can be edited in case you need to change to another vSphere Replication Manager Server in your environment.
VRM Site Name and vCenter Server Address, vCenter Server Port and vCenter Server Admin Mail can also be customized.

SSL section allows you to accept only signed certificates as well as generate a self-signed certificate and/or upload an existing one.

Service Status section allow you to monitor the state of vSphere Replication Manager Server and restart it.

VR -> Security tab allows you to change vSphere Replication password and VR -> Support to generate the support bundle useful in case of service request.

Network -> Address is used to change vSphere Replication Appliance network settings like hostname, IP address, default gateway, etc.

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