martedì 26 marzo 2013

VMware: How to extend system volume on Windows 2008

In this post I will simply explain how to increase the size of System partition on a Windows 2008 R2 server. According to Microsoft this procedure applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7 too.
I will increase my C:\ drive from 60GB to 80GB while the VM in powered on.
Open vSphere Client right click the Windows 2008 VM you need to expand disk, and select Edit Settings.

Select hard disk, in this case I have a 60GB hard disk.

Increase capacity to your desired capacity, in this case I bring it to 80GB:

Now go to your Windows VM, run diskmgmt.msc
You will see the unallocated capacity. If not click Refresh button.

Select disc C:\ and right click then click Extend Volume

Follow the wizard assigning all unallocated space to the disk C:\, or, if you prefer, just a portion of it.

After this you will see the system partition increased to the new added capacity.

That's all!!

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