martedì 19 giugno 2012

X Window Server using Xming and Putty

In this post I describe how to connect to an X server using Windows.
X Window is usually used during installation of Oracle products in a non windowed server environment.

We'll use Xming and Putty so if you haven't them already download them from here:

After installation run XLaunch and select:

-Multiple Windows

-Start no client

-UNCHECK "Clipboard" and CHECK "No Access Control"

Launch Putty and go to  SSH -> X11 tab as illustrated below

Then connect to the server where you need X Window and run following commands:

[oracle@orcl ]$ set DISPLAY=;export DISPLAY

where needs to be replaced by your ip address!!

[oracle@orcl ~]$ xhost +

If everything went fine the previous command should return:

access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

The preparation is done now you can run any program using X Window.

For example this is the output provided on my desktop screen when I ran "runInstaller" from Oracle Database

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